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This afternoon there is partly constant high fog in the Klagenfurt Basin and in the Lavant Valley. Also otherwise dense clouds are passing through from the southwest, sometimes it can rain a bit, especially in Lower Carinthia. In between, the clouds loosen up more and more often and the sun shines from time to time. The maximum values ​​are usually between 1 and 5 degrees, with a foehn wind from the south it can get a little warmer in the region.

The morning fog fields mostly dissolve on Thursday in the west and north until around noon and the sunshine dominates during the day. The blanket of fog in the Klagenfurt Basin is very tough or in many cases even permanent. Upper fog limit about 800 to 1000m. Maximum values ​​0 to 6 degrees, with the highest values ​​in slightly elevated sunny locations.

On Friday split weather in Carinthia. In large parts of the early morning fog the sun shines, in the Klagenfurt Basin, on the other hand, it continues to be foggy and cloudy all day. Maximum values ​​-1 to 4 degrees, in medium sunny locations up to 7 degrees.

On Saturday, very sunny weather is expected in Carinthia away from fog and high fog. The high fog between the Wörthersee and the Lavanttal can remain partly constant. Maximum values ​​depending on fog and sun -1 to +6 degrees.

On Sunday the cloudiness increases, especially in the south, in the Klagenfurt Basin there is also high fog. It usually stays dry, only on the immediate southern border some rain can come. Regionally slightly rising southwest wind. Maximum temperatures 0 to 6 degrees.

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